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What is inside your PC

CPU-Z - Download from CPUID
CPU-Z can tell you everything about your systems core components.

Viruses are not the END of your PC.

Virus software is always chaning, the best today may not be the best tomorrow. So at Rampart Computers we use and recommend virus software that has a proven track record. ESET NOD32 is an all around good virus software.
More important than your antivirus is your control of the clicker. If you are a click happy person you will have junk software and sooner than later you will have viruses. If you watch every click you make but don't understand what you are clicking or click because it seems okay, again junk software and viruses are in your future. Reading where the link is taking you is the most important thing you can do, if doesn't seem to line up with the page you are wanting than don't click.
Viruses also come through curiosity won't hurt your cat when you are clicking around your email but it could infect your system with something that will encrypt all your files. Game Over, even the FBI says to pay the Crypto-Virus scum. Don't open any attachments... Well maybe you don't have to go that far but be careful. Many spam emails have attachment with very bad viruses in them.
Viruses are not the END of your PC. We can clean up any virus infection. 95% of the time we can do it without wiping out your operating system or data. Yes there are a few virus that will destory your data... But a quick reinstall and you are back up and going. Most of the time we remove the virus leaving all your data intacted.