Bixby Computer Service

Fact: You have a computer.
Fact: You have a question regarding the functionality of that computer

There are many causes that contribute to why a computer may become slow, unresponsive or just quit working all together. It may be wear due to age and use, neglect, viruses, overheating or the system is simply being used for tasks that require more modern components. Whatever the case may be, Rampart Computers will help determine what needs to be done. We accomplish this by working with you and determining the most efficient and economical process in getting your system back up and running.

The most common problem experienced by any computer user today is that their system has become slow. Services that Rampart Computers provide that will help regain the performance it once had:
*Remove unnecessary programs/services from starting
*Update virus software and check for viruses
*Uninstall unnecessary programs
*Run diagnostic software and correct disk/directory errors
*Defragment the hard drive for better performance

We specialize in home and small business computer repair. Rampart Computers is a locally owned business which allows us to offer services that many larger computer service repair shops cannot. We offer onsite repair, drop off repair, and we even offer pickup and delivery.

Our rates are $50 per hour for drop off or pickup service (there is an additional pickup or delivery fee of $25each). Our rate for On Site service is $85 per hour with a one hour minimum. Hardware and/or software, if required, are separate. We will contact you before installation if any additional hardware or software is needed.